Monday, October 01, 2012

California Cars on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

No where else will you see Talbot-Lagos displayed next to the So-Cal Special

California is the place for cars and all types of them too. On Father's Day weekend you can run up and down the L.A. freeways and see so much great stuff it will make your head spin. All that we did was attend two shows; The L.A. Roadster Show and the Rodeo Concourse, look at hat we saw!

The one day you will find it parked on the Beverly Hills sidewalk

The selection of iron in Beverly Hills for the Rodeo show was spectacular. With top notch bikes along side million dollar Porsche racers and that across from bubble-topped kustoms.

Bruce Meyer's roadster has so much attention to details.
The Roadster Show is on the opposite end of the L.A. basin in Pomona, CA. The drive is brutal, its worth it especially to see roadsters like Bruce Meyer's black beauty.

Don't be fooled by the name Roadster Show, there is plenty of other kustoms, hot rods, a huge swap meet area and also stuff like this vintage dragster.

Brad and John D'Augostino who was on his Car Warriors Team

At these two shows you are bound to find someone you know, have seen in a magazine or on TV. The events are destinations for famous builders, collectors, industry guys and celebrities.

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