Thursday, August 02, 2007

Car Guys On My!

Ok, I admit that until recently I thought that was for kids, bands and movie trailers. Then while doing internet research I began visiting the site. I was surprised to find that there are thousands of car guys, truck guys and girls who participate at

I visit forums like and, at those sites it is hard core car guys. I enjoy reading the posts, interacting and learning. At, I found young guys and girls from all over, but also enthusiasts of every age. It really gives me and our company a chance to interact one-on-one with customers. Not just that, but car events too, yeah tons of cool events for car guys.

The community allows me to notify my friends with message blasts. Lets say I am posting new images of the bonspeed project car or we are planning an open house. My friends at myspace can get a message that appears at their myspace page. They are the first to see our newest information!

Old tech for some, but many of you are still old school and need to get a profile set-up. If you do not experience myspace you are missing a ton of fun, friends and cars!

Go to and check out the profile, also be sure to become one of our friends. It is a new world for car enthusiasts!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

bonspeed Sponsored Larry Dixon- In Run for NHRA Top Fuel #1

Larry Dixon the driver of the Don Prudhomme Racing- Sky Tel dragster has clinched a position
in the NHRA Top 8! Larry who is sponsored by bonspeed has clinched a position by commanding constant driving skills.

The new points system that NHRA is using has proven to be exciting!

We congratulate Larry on his 2007 NHRA season and wish him the best on grabbing another Top Fuel Championship!

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