Monday, November 28, 2011

Live From the Set of Car Warriors Season 2

Car Warriors Season 2 is an all new format and it is going to be a great new show. Shop vs. Shop in a crazy 48 hour build! That is right, we said it, just 48 hours!

The show is filming now in the Car Warriors studio some where in Southern California. The teams are top notch, the action intense and the cars incredible.

Be sure to keep watching for even more information as it develops. Also, remember that bonspeed's Brad Fanshaw is one the three show hosts.

Fanshaw brings his years of building award wining cars, shop management and style to the show. More than just a talking head, he jumps in and helps the teams build these cars, without him they may never get done in just 48!

Car Warriors - Coming to SPEED in February!

Christiana Muscle Cars Grabs Mag Cover With bonspeed Huntington Wheels

The guys at Christiana Muscle Cars built this way bad pro-touring Mustang and it made its debut a while back. Now after making the show circuit and waves along the way the car is on the cover of Modified Mustangs and Fords.

Stuffed under the fenders of this highly modified Stang are 20" bonspeed Huntingtons that are Color Forged™ in a gloss black finish.

Way to go guys and great car!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brad Fanshaw is New Host of Rod & Custom Radio

Brad Fanshaw made his debut as the new host of the nationally syndicated radio show; Rod & Custom Radio. The show is developed from the pages of Rod & Custom Magazine that was founded in 1953. The magazine has technical features, show coverage and how-to articles for rods and customs to 1964. Fanshaw takes over from the former host David Newhardt who is taking over a new Muscle Car show.

Fanshaw and his former business partner Boyd Coddington won four AMBR awards and numerous other awards.  Together they employed the best and brightest including Jesse James and Chip Foose, while designing and building iconic rods that set a standard for generations to follow.

The first two shows are available now on iTunes and are syndicated by ERN Networks.

bonspeed's President is Co-Host on Season 2 of Car Warriors on SPEED

Brad Fanshaw has been filming the new season of Car Warriors for SPEED. The show that debuted in 2011 has been given a new format that pits shops against one another in a 48 hour challenge! The show features less time to build the cars, but provides a much better approach with more tech information and a better look at how these vehicles get built in just a mind-boggling 48 hours.

Fanshaw, brings over twenty-five years of professional custom car design and building experience to the show. As a business partner of the legendary Boyd Coddington from 1987 to 1996 their shop won the prestigious Grand National Roadster Show AMBR award four times. Since 1996 Fanshaw has won numerous awards on his own including both the GM and Ford Design Awards. Additionally, he has founded a leading forged aluminum wheel company, bonspeed Wheels with rock star Michael Anthony of Van Halen and Chickenfoot fame.

Brad Fanshaw brings his management, design and building talents to the show while he is allowed to flex his on-camera presence.  The producers of Car Warriors have chosen Fanshaw to provide teams his expert advice during each build and provide the audience a while-it-happens perspective from his first-hand view. The show is hosted by Jimmy Shine and the two interact throughout each episode along with another lead tech.

Car Warriors will begin airing on SPEED in February 2012.

Friday, August 26, 2011

bonspeed boys- Michael & Brad Attend Montery/Pebble Beach Events

Michael outside the Jaguar Party.
Monterey MotorWeek is an event that must be added to your bucket list.  If you love cars it is a week of racing, people, cars, auctions and parties.

Trust us you will see virtually anything from hot rods to Bugatti's.  One party we attended had an incredible row of no less than ten Bugatti's parked in Valet!

What can you expect? Exotic cars, vintage races, auctions where cars sell for multi-millions and shows of all types.

The bonspeed boys had such a schedule of events that we were worn out by Sunday night. Enjoy our photos and then add this to your list of must attend events. Every August in Monterey, California.

The auto builders like Jaguar, Bentley, Lambroghini, Ferrari, Lexus and more through lavish displays and parties.  Most launch new models or concepts during the events.

At right is a concept that Jaguar showed at its party.

If vintage Ferraris are your thing, you will not be disapointed they are everywhere from the newest to the rarest.

This Lusso was sitting at rest on the grass at the Concorso Italiano an all Italian car show.

At the Italiano event our friend and host of Motor Trend radio grabbed us for an interview about the cars and the week of events.

We were flattered he asked us since he had been interviewing guys like Leno, Car Co. Presidents, Indy and F1 drivers.

This is the Gooding Co. / Ferrari party at Pebble Beach, it was packed and the cars ranged from a hot rod to a $19 million Ferrari.

The people were great and no wonder they all love cars!

The cars are such a selection of brands and styles. Some of these cars are usually only seen in museums and/or books.  In Carmel you actually seem them drive in from 17 Mile Drive.

This boattail speedster was perfect and had such fantastic lines.

Brad found his favorite in Carmel, a Ferrari 250 GTO.  Since these cars are now in the tens of millions it is like having your picture taken with a movie star!

This Lamborghini may have stealth styling, but it drew attention all day parked curbside.  This car is bad and there was also a flat black one cruising around all weekend.

Out at Laguna Seca the racing was fantastic and it was every type of car you can imagine.  Trans-Am, Can-Am, experimental tons of fun.

This is Bruce Canepa racing his vintage 935 Porsche.

Jaguar was the celebration manufacturer at the track this year. There was a two lap parade of Jaguars and they asked the bonspeed boys to drive a vintage 1962 Jaguar.

We jumped in and experienced two laps on the fabled track.  They must of thought we were someone else?

Steve Moal the ultimate builder showed off his newest creation and it was rolling art.  It takes alot to stand out in Monterey and Moal's car did it with the vintage 1940's bomber inspiration.

The outside of Moal's car had all the right stuff. Steve showed with a grinning owner standing close by at the Monterey Jet Center event call McCall's MotorWorks.

The week was a thumbs-up! Brad even got to drive the new Ferrari through Carmel Canyon which was an experience in itself.

We want to thank our hosts:
Bentley Motors
Laguna Seca
RM Auctions
Russo and Steele Auctions
Mecum Auctions

By Sunday at Pebble Beach, Michael wanted to know why it all had to end and where he could sign up for next year?

Chickenfoot Releases Single, Ready to Drop New Album and...

Kenny Arnoff and Michael Anthony
The Foot is going crazy, first Chickenfoot released a new single; "BIGFOOT" and it is running up the charts. They have announced that the new album drops on 9/27/11 and they will celebrate with a LIVE online performance.  Man these guys are clucking awesome!

Now word that the band cannot wait for drummer Chad Smith to finish his tour with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  So they have been beating the bushes to find a show replacement.

They found Kenny Arnoff ready to beat the drums and Chad has even handed him the sticks in video on the Chickenfoot site.

Ok, get ready for a cool video too, go to for even more!  Yep, our bonspeed boy Michael is ready for shows.

Monday, August 22, 2011

bonspeed's Brad Goes Looking for Parts on Storage Wars

bonspeed's President, Brad Fanshaw went storage locker hunting recently for an episode of Storage Wars. Barry Weiss (Shown Sitting) invited Brad out to Long Beach for a day of filming and bidding. Barry drove in that morning in a sweet 1958 Ranchero and talked the day over with auctioneer, Dan Dotson.

It was a great day and everyone was really great.  Watch for the episode with Brad wandering and interacting with everyone.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

bonspeed boys Attend Barrett-Jackson Orange County California

The view from on the stage at Barrett-Jackson Orange County
Barrett-Jackson produced yet another another fun auction in Orange County, California this past weekend. The event drew thousands due to the perfect Southern California weather, plenty of cars and a great location.

The most memorable sale of the weekend was a VW bus that exceeded $200, 000! The bonspeed boys - Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw did not buy or sell this time, but enjoyed the festival.

Other notables in the skybox were Tony Hawk, Don Prudhomme, Bruce Jenner and Barry Weiss from the TV show Storage Wars.
Charlotte, Michael and Brad from bonspeed talking cars with Storage War's; Barry Weiss

Brad told tall tales in two interviews one for Car Craft radio and another for Rod & Custom radio.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Visit Adam Carolla's CarCast for an Interview with Michael Anthony & Brad Fanshaw

As we told you in the previous post Mike and Brad (the bonspeed boys) went to the Burbank studios of Adam Carolla to tape an episode of CarCast with Adam and Sandy Ganz. Go there now and listen to the podcast and see the video of the cars.

The podcast is also available on iTunes

Friday, June 17, 2011

bonspeed boys Talk Cars & Music with Adam Carolla on Car Cast

Adam Carolla talks about pro-toring with Brad Fanshaw
The bonspeed boys; Micahel Anthony and Brad Fanshaw braved mid-day traffic in two of their cars to visit Adam Carolla.

Adam Carolla's Car Cast podcast which is available on Apple iTunes will air in June. It was recorded June 16, 2011 in Burbank, CA.

Michael, Brad, Adam and Sandy Ganz had a lively discussion about cars, Van Halen, hot sauce, Baldwin Motion and even Brad's old business partner Boyd Coddington.
L to R: Adam, Brad, Michael and Sandy at Ace's Studio

The Orange couch where all tales are told!

Adam was sweet talking us into letting him drive, didn't happen.

Brad's explains how to take an overweight car and make it handle.

Michael's bad-ass 600+ hp Ford GT

For More Information visit:!/bonspeedboys

Friday, June 03, 2011

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Friday, April 15, 2011

bonspeed Boys International Edition!

Ludo Boon and the bonspeed boys from the Netherlands.
The original bonspeed boys might be Brad Fanshaw and Michael Anthony the owners of bonspeed.  However, the group is growing world wide and more car loving, fun loving guys want in on the action.

Recently, our friends from the Netherlands sent us this photo from their adventure to the USA.  Seems along the trip they were pulled over by the long arm of the law.  They were released with just a warning, but we think the sheriff wanted to know where to get one of those great bonspeed Wheel t-shirts?

Send us a photo of you with your car or truck that has bonspeed wheels and if we use it we will send you a bonspeed boy t-shirt.
(include your shirt size and address, send submissions to us by e-mail at

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Next bonspeed Wheels Project - Grand National Buick

Hauling the bonspeed Grand National from Arizona.
Knowing that the El Camino project was nearing completion, a few months ago we dug this GN Buick out of storage.  It was in Arizona stored away with all sorts of other cool projects-to-be and parts.

The Buick Grand National is an 80,000 mile original that has been owned since 9000 miles showed on the odometer. The black bad attitude of these cars is still legendary today and we think it is time that one is built to our bonspeed standard.

Surrounded by some rare 1940's porcelain cabinets and speed goodies.
Stored in Arizona since 1991 this Gran National Buick is ready to see action again.  The tires were light on air, the car has a heavy dusting of dirt and the tranny seal let go long ago.  The body is straight as an arrow and being an original Arizona car it is perfectly preserved and no rot.

Telling signs of its former life on the street really yell 1980's like the cellular rear glass antenna, pinstripes, weld wheels and the tinted windows.
It is really ready to be torn apart and rebuilt with today's technology.

A 77,000 mile 1967 Chevelle SS 396 sits awaiting its turn at restoration.
If you are like me, then studying what is in the background is part of seeing photos of cars. Sitting next to the GN is another project, a 1967 Chevelle SS 396.  This car was disassembled with only 77,000 miles and the plan was pro-street.  Sitting behind the car is every era part to build the car.

Keep watching for more information on he bonspeed Grand National!

CLICK HERE: Visit the bonspeed Wheels Website!

bonspeed's 1971 Pro-Touring El Camino Through the Cones

bonspeed's 1971 El Camino Big Block Power and 18" wheels.
bonspeed has finally finished the pro-touring El Camino project it has been constructing. This muscle car was on the cover of Car Craft in January of 1998 and they hailed it as the start of a new trend.  Car Craft recognized the new lead of muscle cars that handled!  Trick back then was four wheel discs, coil-over rear suspension and dropped front spindles.

The problem was, despite a frame-up rebuild many parts still were not yet available for these cars. It looked great had plenty of power, but despite tuning it still handled like a pig.
Stopping a big car like this is no problem with BAER 6p brakes!

So a year ago the car started a transformation and here are some of the newest modifications:
• BAER 6p brakes and 13" rotors f&r.
• Hotchkis front suspension with tubular a-arms.
• A Currie fabricated 9" rear hung with coil-overs.
• Shorty headers by Sanderson.
• Stainless steel exhaust by MagnaFlow.
• Quick Fuel Technology fuel system.
• Energy Suspension engine mounts.
• 18X8 & 18X10 bonspeed Wheels.

Now its time for you to get started on that project of yours.  Let bonspeed help with your custom wheels!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

The bonspeed boys - Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw are on Car Crazy TV

Michael Anthony & Brad Fanshaw are interviewed from SEMA
Barry Meguiar and his Car Crazy crew were on hand again this year at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The bonspeed boys; Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw were on hand for an interview about their enjoyment of all things automotive.

Other interviews in this episode include Mario Andretti, Carroll Shelby, Bobby Rahal and others.

Tune in and check it out!

Want more info:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Larry Dixon Awarded Special 3X Top Fuel Champion Bonneville/bonspeed Swiss "12.4.8" Watch

On Sunday February 27th, 2011, Brad Fanshaw the President/CEO of Bonneville WorldWide, Inc. will celebrate the 2010 NHRA Championship of Larry Dixon. At the NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California Larry will be awarded a specially constructed Bonneville/bonspeed Swiss "12.4.8" mechanical chronograph watch.

This watch is the only one in the world and the rotor reads "3X Top Fuel Champion".  Dixon has worn Bonneville/bonspeed watches exclusively for over a decade.  "We are excited that our friend Larry has won all three of his championships wearing Bonneville/bonspeed watches!" exclaimed Brad Fanshaw.

Check back for exclusive photos of Larry Dixon being presented the watch and his Al-Anabi top fuel dragster.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drive to and Into Your Office Just Like Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson

bonspeed boy- Brad Fanshaw in the world's smallest production car.

We were walking around at the Barrett-Jackson auction last weekend when Charlie Lillard stopped
us to say hello.  Charlie a great car guy is someone we run into at all the best car destinations.  We talked cars, Charlie reminded Brad that he needs to make reservations for Chicago next November.  He wants Brad to bring his Baldwin-Motion Phase III Vega to the Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals.

In the middle of his sentence, Charlie motioned and asked if we had seen his new car.  We looked and asked, where is it?  "Over there in the corner.", replied Charlie.  Then we saw it, the world's smallest production car and when Charlie asked Brad if he wanted to sit inside, no need to ask twice.

Just sitting in this cool little car allowed fantasies of driving into the offices just like Jeremy on Top Gear!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

bonspeed boys '34 Hot Rod at the Grand National Roadster Show, Pomona California Look

Look for the "Cruz Bum" 1934 Roadster at the GNRS
The Grand National Roadster Show is this weekend (January 28-30, 2011) in Pomona, CA.  This is the big show that everyone wants to attend.  Filled with some of the finest hot rods and show cars on earth the who's who of hot rods always attend.

This year look for the Speeed Yellow 1934 above.  The "Cruz Bum" belongs to bonspeed boy, Mark Cilani and it has an interesting past.  Find the car and read the story on the show board.

If you are at the show on Friday January 28th be sure to visit the NHRA Museum next door.  The museum will host a great forum featuring bonspeed boy- Brad Fanshaw, Chip Foose, Roy Brizio, Jimmy Shine and more.  They will discuss the link between hot rods and rock-n-roll, including the guitars and the cars they have built.  Brad's forum starts at 1:30p.m.

bonspeed "Speed Cult" Sunfire Concept Sold At Barrett-Jackson 2011

The bonspeed "Speed Cult" Sunfire is shown on the auction block.
 The Pontiac Sunfire concept car that was designed and built in 2003 again visited the auction block. The car designed by Brad Fanshaw and bonspeed is called the "Speed Cult" Sunfire. This speed yellow screamer has a one-off wide body design, hand-built wing, full roll cage, carbon fiber, Air Ride suspension and black bonspeed Wheels.

Pontiac asked bonspeed to design a car that would show what could be done, an out-of-the-box version of the Sunfire. The car debuted at the LA Auto Salon in the GM booth and was a huge success. In 2005 the car was sold at Barrett-Jackson with other concepts designed and built by bonspeed.

The car was auctioned again this year along with the iconic and collectible Speed Cult bass guitar signed by bonspeed co-owner Michael Anthony.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What 24X15 bonspeed Sweep Wheels Look Like Rolling Under a New Chevy!

bonspeed "SWEEP" wheels 24X15 with 405 Pirelli Tires

Sweet Spot: 24X9 fronts and 24X15 rear. Stuffed and no rubbing!
Let bonspeed help you with your wheel set up call toll free: 1.888.999.7258


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bonspeed's Brad Fanshaw - Featured Speaker at NHRA Museum Hot Rods & Rock Seminar

Boyd Coddington, Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw at the Hard Rock Cafe, circa 1994
 It was about 1994 when I went on a trip to Cabo with Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar.  After some of the famous Cabo Wabo Margarita's, I opened my mouth about how Boyd and I should build a billet bass for Michael.  Well he thought it was great idea and I needed to go home and sell Boyd on the idea.

If you are interested in the entire story, then you may want to be at the NHRA Museum on Friday January 28, 2011. The entire story will be told of how I talked Boyd into the idea, the design and the making of the billet bass.  Also about Anthony's hot rod guitar and the custom guitars bonspeed designed for Ford and Barrett-Jackson.
Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw at the NHRA Museum opening of "Axes & Axles"
This is all part of the museum's "Axes and Axles" exhibit, "The Art of Building Cars and Guitars. Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Fender Telecaster".

Two sessions will be available (First Session is 10:30 a.m. – Noon; Second Session is 1:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.). Tickets are $20 per session includes admission to the Museum and light refreshments. Seating is limited. For more information, please contact the Museum at 909-622-2133 or visit us online at
First Session: 10:30 a.m. - Noon
Moderator: Tony Thacker, executive director of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum
  • Scott Buehl, Fender Custom Shop 
  • Chip Foose, Foose Design
  • Jimmy Shine, SO-CAL Speed Shop
  • David Steele, Gary Allan Band

Second Session: 1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Moderator: Henry Astor, president of Astor Motor Productions
  • Roy Brizio, Brizio Street Rods
  • Brad Fanshaw, bonspeed  
  • Billy Ganahl, Brizio Street Rods
  • Paul Waller, Fender Custom Shop, Master Guitar Builder