Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bonspeed boys- Brad Fanshaw and Michael Anthony Hot Rod TV

Hot Rod TV asked the bonspeed boys if they could follow them around the Grand National Roadster show in Pomona, California. What were we supposed to tell them, no?

bonspeed boys At Barrett-Jackson as Seen on Speed TV

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Yeah, it has been awhile since this program aired on Speed, but that is the great thing about the internet. Wait long enough and it will show up and you can add it to your blog!

If you have not yet seen this episode it is worth watching. In 2006 Brad Fanshaw and Michael Anthony, yep; us the "bonspeed boys" sold five of our cars at Barrett-Jackson. We also helped Sammy Hagar sell his Shelby, this was one helleva week. Watch as we sell nearly three-quarters of a million dollars worth of cars, go crazy and hang with some great people.

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bonspeed Wheels In HTC FUZE Phone Commercial

If you watch much TV you may have seen the commercial for AT&T's HTC FUZE mobile phone that features the Steve Strope built 515 GTB Charger. The car was built at Strope's shop in Simi Valley, California and is one of the coolest Chargers you will find. Plus the car is right hand drive!

What makes this bad boy even better are the one-off bonspeed wheels that we machined from solid 4" plate aluminum. The knock-off style wheels are based on a vintage Lola wheel. Check out the wheels in the video above and check out bonspeed wheels at the link below.

If you need some unique one-off wheels that no one else has then give us a call we can design and build you a set too. Our bonspeed kustom shop is ready to machine dreams- 714/666-1966.

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