Wednesday, July 30, 2008

bonspeed Scores the Cover of Super Chevy Magazine

A recent cover of SUPER CHEVY MAGAZINE featured this fine 1969 Camaro owned by Ned Jackson. You see, Ned wisely chose a set of bonspeed "Delta" wheels for his pro-touring ride.
The details in his car stood out because of the choice of wheels; at least we think so.

This '69 rides on bonspeed "Delta" style wheels; 18x8 up front and 18x9 in the rear!

Read more about Ned's car at Super Chevy online:
Ned Jackson's 1969 Camaro with bonspeed Delta Wheels


Over 100 Sport Trucks all With bonspeed Wheels

Recently, we were doing some web surfing of our own and found that by searching at the Truckin' website we could see over 100 trucks with bonspeed Wheels. Click below and check them out!

Shopping for wheels see tons of bonspeed wheels on all kinds of trucks.

CLICK HERE: Over 100 bonspeed trucks

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bonspeed's Ford F-150 Super Street Truck

You might know bonspeed as a wheel, but our design firm creates and builds too! Back in 2004 when Ford was introducing the new F-150 they handed one over to the bonspeed design team and we went crazy.

First we gutted the truck and removed every part inside and out. Then we installed a supercharged GT motor, six-speed manual transmission and an independent rear suspension.
I told ya we went crazy, about 600 man hours and bundles of cash later the dark eggplant purple screamer rolled from our shop. Check out all the info on this dream truck by clicking on the link below.

bonspeed F-150 Article

Truckin' Features 1988 Silverado with 22" bonspeed Huntington Wheels

Check out Truckin' Magazines online home for a recent feature of a sweet 1988 Chevy truck rollin' on 22" bonspeed Huntington wheels. There is a link below to the article and be sure to visit the bonspeed Wheels website.

TRUCKIN'-1988 Chevy Silverado

bonspeed Wheels Website

Hot Rod TV is Re-Airing Shows Featuring the bonspeed boys, Brad Fanshaw and Michael Anthony

Hot Rod TV is re-airing the episodes featuring the bonspeed boys, Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw as part of a Saturday marathon. Tune in Saturday, August 2, 2008 for the following episodes:

• 9:00 a.m. "GT-40", with a cameo appearence by Michael Anthony and his personal Ford GT.
• 9:30 a.m. "AMBR", the bonspeed boys provide insight and observations from the grand-daddy of hot rod shows.
• 11 a.m., "MAD ANTHONY", Michael and Sue Anthony take their prized Shelby for a complete facelift, the show includes background and interviews with both Michael and Brad.