Friday, March 30, 2012

Fox Body Mustangs Built on Car Warriors on Speed

Go now, don't wait see the Fox body Mustangs that were built on Car Warriors. The guys from Unique Twist were the victors with the car above.  Want more click the link below and see gallery of images at bonspeed Brad Fanshaw on Facebook.

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Shell Fuel Technology and Collector Bruce Meyer on Rod & Custom Radio

Be sure to tune in for Rod & Custom Radio this weekend with your host Brad Fanshaw. It is a great hour while Brad first talks fuel Technology with Jim Macias, Fuel Technology Manager at Shell. They talk about the benefits of Nitrogen Enriched fuels for your daily driver and your hot rod.

Next Brad has an in-depth discussion with noted car collector Bruce Meyer.  Meyer talks about his passion for cars, preserving the history of our hobby, the Petersen Museum and his involvement and his fantastic car collection.  Brad and Bruce talk candidly about some of the things they have collectively done in the pursuit of hot rodding.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rod & Custom Radio Welcomes Tim Strange and John Buck March 24, 2012

Tim Strange of Strange Motion Hot Rods
Another great show for you on Rod & Custom Radio, March 24, 2012.  Brad Fanshaw brings two true rod & custom guys in for discussions.

Tim Strange, hot rod builder and TV show host joins Brad for a talk about the cars he has built, awards he has won and his gig as host of Search and Restore on SPIKE network.

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John Buck with the AMBR Award

In the second half of the show you get the lowdown on the Grand National Roadster show from John Buck the owner/promoter. In this discussion you will find out about what it takes to be an AMBR winner and the inner workings of this historic show.

We also talk about John's other show the Sacramento Autorama.

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Rod & Custom Radio March 17th Guests Ray Mc Clelland & Matt D'Andria

Matt D'Andria from Motorator and Adam Carolla Car Cast
Brad's guests for the week of March 17, 2012 are Matt D'Andria from and Also on the show is
Ray Mc Clelland from and Brad's counterpart on Car Warriors.

In the first half of the show Matt and Brad discuss car like the new Mercedes Gullwing, wait we consider it a hot rod since they were raced at Bonneville. We also discuss the Adam Carolla Car Cast and what it is like to work with the funny-man Carolla.



In the shows second half Brad talks about the new tuning technology with Ray Mc Clelland from Full Throttle Kustomz. Ray explains how he can even tune your hot rod or custom from across the US by internet.

The two also, discuss the behind-the-scenes of Car Warriors.

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Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Photos of Car Warriors Cutlass Customs

Car Warriors fifth episode is done and the Cutlass Challenge is over, but you can still check out more photos of both cars at the bonspeed Brad Fanshaw Facebook page.  Check out the cars leave comments and see what others have to say.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Rod & Custom Radio Guests This Week Michael Anthony & Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss (Storage Wars) in-studio for Rod & Custom Radio.
Rod & Custom Radio is the weekly program for true hard-core hot rod, rat rod and kustom enthusiasts with Brad Fanshaw (Host). The newest program was very special as Brad invited his friend Barry Weiss from Storage Wars TV show into the studio.  The two talked about Barry's show, his hot rods and love of motorcycles.

Also on the show was Michael Anthony, Brad's business partner in bonspeed, but better known for his legendary status as a member of both Van Halen and now Chickenfoot.

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BONUS Chevelle Photos From Episode #3 of Car Warriors

My Blue Team was SPG Customs and they built this Chevelle.
Episode #3 of Car Warriors was again down to the wire. When you build a classic Chevrolet like the 1970's era Chevelle everyone has an opinion.  To see bonus photos not seen anywhere else visit the "bonspeed Brad Fanshaw" Facebook page (LINK BELOW).

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Want to see more photos of the cars from episode #2 the Le Mans Challenge? Then click the link below and visit the gallery at the bonspeed Brad Fanshaw Facebook page.  While you are there be sure to LIKE his page also!

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rod & Custom Radio Host: Brad Fanshaw Guests: Jimmy Shine & Gary Bennett

This weekend on Rod & Custom Radio I have a great show planned.

I'll be talking to Jimmy Shine from So-Cal Speed Shop, Jimmy and I will be talking about the GNRS Win, Car Warriors and hot rods.

Also, we will have Gary Bennett the V.P. of Barrett-Jackson. Gary is a big hot rod fanatic and he is going to be telling us about the 10th Annual Palm Beach auction and the hot rods they will have rolling across the block.

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