Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year...New Project Cars

© bonspeed 2006

The new year is more than parties and Times Square around the bonspeed design studio. While most car guys in the Midwest and East are safely storing their cars for winter, we are dreaming up new SEMA projects. Yes, SEMA! I know that show-of-shows just ended a month ago, but the car makers already want new fresh ideas.

Every year at this time we are conceptualizing our newest ideas for the factories. Some of the ideas are accepted and others are thrown in a drawer. Some of those ideas are damn good ones too!

In 2006 bonspeed was asked by Ford to create a design that would make the already steller Mustang GT 500 Shelby even better. This car never was built, but these illustrations will show you just one project gone but not forgotten, maybe one day we will dust off the drawer of old ideas for a customer or ourselves!
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Wait till you see what we are designing for 2007!

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