Friday, August 26, 2011

bonspeed boys- Michael & Brad Attend Montery/Pebble Beach Events

Michael outside the Jaguar Party.
Monterey MotorWeek is an event that must be added to your bucket list.  If you love cars it is a week of racing, people, cars, auctions and parties.

Trust us you will see virtually anything from hot rods to Bugatti's.  One party we attended had an incredible row of no less than ten Bugatti's parked in Valet!

What can you expect? Exotic cars, vintage races, auctions where cars sell for multi-millions and shows of all types.

The bonspeed boys had such a schedule of events that we were worn out by Sunday night. Enjoy our photos and then add this to your list of must attend events. Every August in Monterey, California.

The auto builders like Jaguar, Bentley, Lambroghini, Ferrari, Lexus and more through lavish displays and parties.  Most launch new models or concepts during the events.

At right is a concept that Jaguar showed at its party.

If vintage Ferraris are your thing, you will not be disapointed they are everywhere from the newest to the rarest.

This Lusso was sitting at rest on the grass at the Concorso Italiano an all Italian car show.

At the Italiano event our friend and host of Motor Trend radio grabbed us for an interview about the cars and the week of events.

We were flattered he asked us since he had been interviewing guys like Leno, Car Co. Presidents, Indy and F1 drivers.

This is the Gooding Co. / Ferrari party at Pebble Beach, it was packed and the cars ranged from a hot rod to a $19 million Ferrari.

The people were great and no wonder they all love cars!

The cars are such a selection of brands and styles. Some of these cars are usually only seen in museums and/or books.  In Carmel you actually seem them drive in from 17 Mile Drive.

This boattail speedster was perfect and had such fantastic lines.

Brad found his favorite in Carmel, a Ferrari 250 GTO.  Since these cars are now in the tens of millions it is like having your picture taken with a movie star!

This Lamborghini may have stealth styling, but it drew attention all day parked curbside.  This car is bad and there was also a flat black one cruising around all weekend.

Out at Laguna Seca the racing was fantastic and it was every type of car you can imagine.  Trans-Am, Can-Am, experimental tons of fun.

This is Bruce Canepa racing his vintage 935 Porsche.

Jaguar was the celebration manufacturer at the track this year. There was a two lap parade of Jaguars and they asked the bonspeed boys to drive a vintage 1962 Jaguar.

We jumped in and experienced two laps on the fabled track.  They must of thought we were someone else?

Steve Moal the ultimate builder showed off his newest creation and it was rolling art.  It takes alot to stand out in Monterey and Moal's car did it with the vintage 1940's bomber inspiration.

The outside of Moal's car had all the right stuff. Steve showed with a grinning owner standing close by at the Monterey Jet Center event call McCall's MotorWorks.

The week was a thumbs-up! Brad even got to drive the new Ferrari through Carmel Canyon which was an experience in itself.

We want to thank our hosts:
Bentley Motors
Laguna Seca
RM Auctions
Russo and Steele Auctions
Mecum Auctions

By Sunday at Pebble Beach, Michael wanted to know why it all had to end and where he could sign up for next year?

Chickenfoot Releases Single, Ready to Drop New Album and...

Kenny Arnoff and Michael Anthony
The Foot is going crazy, first Chickenfoot released a new single; "BIGFOOT" and it is running up the charts. They have announced that the new album drops on 9/27/11 and they will celebrate with a LIVE online performance.  Man these guys are clucking awesome!

Now word that the band cannot wait for drummer Chad Smith to finish his tour with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  So they have been beating the bushes to find a show replacement.

They found Kenny Arnoff ready to beat the drums and Chad has even handed him the sticks in video on the Chickenfoot site.

Ok, get ready for a cool video too, go to for even more!  Yep, our bonspeed boy Michael is ready for shows.

Monday, August 22, 2011

bonspeed's Brad Goes Looking for Parts on Storage Wars

bonspeed's President, Brad Fanshaw went storage locker hunting recently for an episode of Storage Wars. Barry Weiss (Shown Sitting) invited Brad out to Long Beach for a day of filming and bidding. Barry drove in that morning in a sweet 1958 Ranchero and talked the day over with auctioneer, Dan Dotson.

It was a great day and everyone was really great.  Watch for the episode with Brad wandering and interacting with everyone.