Monday, October 01, 2012

bonspeed Boys Brad and Michael with Friends

April Rose, Brad Fanshaw and Justin Bell in the SPEED S.G. in Las Vegas.
Michael and Brad go plenty of places and their travels allow them to make friends. Here are the bonspeed boys and some friends.

Chickenfoot and Michael pimping for Barrett-Jackson with that T-Shirt
Brad with Jeff Styles and Ray McClelland.

Michael Anthony with the guy who got Pep Boys back in the Speed Shop biz, Scott Webb.

Brad, Courtney Hansen and Gene Winfield

Brad went to an event at the Petersen Museum and spent about an hour talking with these two. The ultimate car girl Courtney Hansen and cuilder Gene Winfield.

Yes, as you can see Manny, Moe and Jack were listening to every word of their conversation.

Brad and Budda the man with the keys to the Skybox
Craig Jackson and Michael talking cars, the women?

Legends and friends Ed Pink and Harry Hibler

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