Monday, October 01, 2012

Adventures of Storage Wars'- Barry Weiss and Car Warriors'- Brad Fanshaw

Driving the I-405 in Barry's bubble-top kustom
Barry Weiss has become a fan favorite from the hit series, Storage Wars on A&E Network. He is fun, kinda crazy and loves cars and bikes.

bonspeedboy, Brad Fanshaw is on TV also his show is Car Warriors and actually it is not the breakout hit like Storage Wars. Sure people love the 48 hour builds, but not as much as they really dig Barry and his auction show.

Despite that the two guys enjoy hanging around together and finding any kind of motorsport event.
Here is quick look at what Barry and Brad have been doing.

Want to stop traffic on a major California freeway, jump in a wild bubble-top kustom with Barry Weiss. Let me tell you it was a scene!

Adam Carolla, Barry Weiss, Charlotte and Brad Fanshaw

The two went to Laguna SECA for the historic races and they ran into funnyman Adam Carolla. He was there racing two of his vintage race cars.

Brad and Barry have a bottle of some hooch from the hills of Virginia. It was hand delivered at a Petersen Automotive Museum event. Hot Rods and hooch it is part of history.

Brad Fanshaw on an episode of Storage Wars, Costa Mesa

If you look very hard or have a DVR that lets you stop and go frame-by-frame you might just see Brad. Yep, Barry has invited him to go storage hunting.

Brad kept hi hands in pockets at the Long Beach auction.

At Laguna SECA for the races, the two tooled around the pits to see everything that they could. I think it wore Barry out, he seems to be leaning on Brad.

Kenny, Barry, Charlotte, Barbara and Brad taking pics at IndyCar

Trust us, these two guys love anything with wheels. Barry and Brad went to the IndyCar Championship race. Watching the open wheeled action from the pit wall was too much.

Barry still needed to make sure that Kenny had a smile on his face.

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