Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Car Warriors Season 2 on SPEED - Production is Complete

Brad Fanshaw, bonspeed President on-set Car Warriors for SPEED
All twelve (12) episodes of Car Warriors Season 2 for SPEED are completed. This production challenges two teams of car builders to customize a car in just 48 hours!

On Car Warriors there are no made up time lines the clock starts and the clock stops, it is truly 48 consecutive hours. The teams create a design then paint the vehicle, install a high-performance drivetrain, sew custom upholstery, add modified suspensions and a host of other custom features.

Brad Fanshaw acts as a technical co-host for the show by providing the audience with up-to-the minute information about the build. Fanshaw also informs the viewers of potential problems and solutions that the team encounters. His is a roll of information provider, coach, design leader, mentor and psychologist. Yes, Brad gets his hands dirty helping teams with ideas, solutions and management of the 48 hours.

Car Warriors premiers February 24th, 2012 on SPEED.

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