Monday, November 28, 2011

Live From the Set of Car Warriors Season 2

Car Warriors Season 2 is an all new format and it is going to be a great new show. Shop vs. Shop in a crazy 48 hour build! That is right, we said it, just 48 hours!

The show is filming now in the Car Warriors studio some where in Southern California. The teams are top notch, the action intense and the cars incredible.

Be sure to keep watching for even more information as it develops. Also, remember that bonspeed's Brad Fanshaw is one the three show hosts.

Fanshaw brings his years of building award wining cars, shop management and style to the show. More than just a talking head, he jumps in and helps the teams build these cars, without him they may never get done in just 48!

Car Warriors - Coming to SPEED in February!

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