Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Next bonspeed Wheels Project - Grand National Buick

Hauling the bonspeed Grand National from Arizona.
Knowing that the El Camino project was nearing completion, a few months ago we dug this GN Buick out of storage.  It was in Arizona stored away with all sorts of other cool projects-to-be and parts.

The Buick Grand National is an 80,000 mile original that has been owned since 9000 miles showed on the odometer. The black bad attitude of these cars is still legendary today and we think it is time that one is built to our bonspeed standard.

Surrounded by some rare 1940's porcelain cabinets and speed goodies.
Stored in Arizona since 1991 this Gran National Buick is ready to see action again.  The tires were light on air, the car has a heavy dusting of dirt and the tranny seal let go long ago.  The body is straight as an arrow and being an original Arizona car it is perfectly preserved and no rot.

Telling signs of its former life on the street really yell 1980's like the cellular rear glass antenna, pinstripes, weld wheels and the tinted windows.
It is really ready to be torn apart and rebuilt with today's technology.

A 77,000 mile 1967 Chevelle SS 396 sits awaiting its turn at restoration.
If you are like me, then studying what is in the background is part of seeing photos of cars. Sitting next to the GN is another project, a 1967 Chevelle SS 396.  This car was disassembled with only 77,000 miles and the plan was pro-street.  Sitting behind the car is every era part to build the car.

Keep watching for more information on he bonspeed Grand National!

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