Thursday, October 08, 2009

bonspeed Wheels has Teamed Up with Street Trucks Magazine for “Operation Muscle Truck”

For the past few issues, Street Trucks has been working on what they’ve dubbed “Operation Muscle Truck”. The guys at this leading truck mag are taking a popular pickup platform and turning it into a “performance-inspired, cornering and handling machine”. When it came to the wheels, of course they would turn to nobody else but bonspeed Wheels.

In the latest issue, the ’95 Chevy C-1500 Cheyenne pickup was equipped with massive 20-inch bonspeed S/S wheels. The forged billet wheels look aggressive on the truck, and the large window design reveals the Baer brakes, too. Finally, the editors and bonspeed added one of the exclusive Color Forged© finishes to the wheel center in cast gray. Make sure to follow the build-up on the truck in Street Trucks magazine for the next few issues as it receives more updates.

Every set of bonspeed Wheels is custom-built to your specifications, offering wheels from 17-inches all the way to 26-inches. bonspeed was the first to offer the Color Forged© program, ensuring that your wheels are as unique as your car.

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