Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eddie Van Halen's- Van Hauler Original Photo!

I heard recently that the truck that Boyd Coddington and I designed and built for Eddie Van Halen was being resurrected. Duane Mayer at American Hot Rods called to ask if I knew anything about the truck that was built at Hot Rods by Boyd for Eddie? I replied that I did and where was it? He informed me that someone had called about restoring it and they were bringing it to his shop.

This was one bad ass sport truck with Corvette suspension, drive train and the full Boyd sport truck treatment. We even made one-off wheels that replicated Ed's stripe pattern. The side stripe not only had his stripes but, it ends with the shape of a guitar head. I do remember driving the truck through Los Angeles and many a Van Halen fan strained to see through the tinted windows. They knew what that stripe represented and they thought maybe the guitar god was behind the wheel.

Somewhere I have a photo of Eddie and I with the similar, but less modified giveaway truck in the Petersen Publishing photo studio. If I find it we will post that at a later date.

It is great to see the truck is being granted another life, but in my opinion a restoration instead of modification would have been better and more valuable!

PHOTO ABOVE: Brad Fanshaw, Eddie Van Halen and Boyd Coddington the day we delivered the truck at the 5150 studio.

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