Tuesday, May 13, 2008

bonspeed boys Seen on Paparazzi Website

The paparazzi website Mavrixonline.com had their paparazzi posted outside of Mr. Chow's last Friday night. The bonspeed boys, Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw had just walked out after dinner when the cameras blazed. The paparazzi was, of course after the famous bonspeed boy; Michael Anthony. Known more to these celebrity hounds for his years with Van Halen, they asked Michael what he was planning for the summer. Visit the link below and you can see the photos and what he had to tell them!

The bonspeed boys were with friends for dinner at the world famous Mr. Chow's, after a taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Jay was friendly as ever, and gave us all the backstage treatment and showed off his car that he drove to the studio that day!

CLICK HERE: See Michael Anthony photos
CLICK HERE: Visit "bonspeed boys" website
CLICK HERE: Visit bonspeed.com
CLICK HERE: Visit Mad Anthony Cafe.com

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