Sunday, May 11, 2008

bonspeed boys on Hot Rod TV

If you are a fan of "Hot Rod TV" on Speed then keep your eyes peeled for re-airings of episodes featuring the "bonspeed boys"; Brad Fanshaw and Michael Anthony. The producers of "Hot Rod TV" asked the boys to work with them on three shows.

The first was the two-part coverage of the 2008 Grand National Roadster show in Pomona, California. Brad and Michael spent the afternoon walking the show commenting on the cars, seeing friends and drooling over the craftsmanship while the cameras roll.

Hot Rod TV's episode about the legendary GT-40 featured bonspeed boy Michael Anthony and his fine Ford GT. The cameo shows Michael zooming around in his personal GT, that is so fine with the massive bonspeed wheels.

The most extensive episode is a re-build of Michael and Sue Anthony's GT500 Shelby. The orange Musclecar was shipped to Gateway Classic Mustangs and the camera crew followed the action. Interviews with both Brad and Michael give a great look at the fun they have. It was all filmed at the secret Southern California warehouse that houses some of the bonspeed boys cars.

Watch Speed listings for re-airings and it will also be available on dvd.

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