Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why Car Guys Love Cool T-Shirts

James Dean and Steve McQueen both were t-shirt guys that enjoyed cars. Both of these icons had the choice of any t-shirt; as long as it was white. We have the choice today of t-shirts emblazoned with virtually any type of car, performance product or event.

T’s are great because they show your pride in Chevrolet, Ford, Mopar, Ferrari or whatever you drive. Now they come in a variety of colors including the ever popular belly-reducing black. Admit it, black looks cool and promotes your bad-boy image, but, it also hides the results of too many late night burger runs.

Ebay has a great selection of vintage t-shirts and even some very nice reproductions. You can also find a huge selection of car-guy t-shirts at car shows. The t-shirt tells the world who you are and what you like, it also says you have style; so I would recommend a bonspeed T!

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Anonymous said...

You guys design the best car shirts in the world. I was at a concert in L.A. last week and saw Tommy Lee wearing a bonspeed that is cool!