Tuesday, April 04, 2006

For Sale 1967 Chevelle SS

My Dad asked if I was interested in looking at a car his friend had for sale? I was 15 years and 11 months old, so needless to say, I would have looked at a ratted-out Pinto. Dad then told me that his friend had a 1967 Chevelle for sale, an SS he added.

Although, my Dad always had powerful Fords with 429 Interceptor motors he was not what you would call a car guy. His cars were ordered with the legendary motors because he traveled a lot and wanted the power for the open highway. When he uttered the words Chevelle, immediately followed by SS, he honestly didn’t realize my knees were weak.

All Dad knew was his buddy had a car that seemed like something I might like and it fit my budget. Yes, three words that are never mentioned in the same sentence anymore; “muscle car and budget”. It was 1978 and this 1967 Chevelle Super Sport with a 396 and posi-traction rear end could be mine for a post negotiation price of $535.00.

This 35,000 mile Chevelle was all original in Marina Blue with a black interior. This is the car we all dream of finding in a garage or barn today. In 1978 it was transportation for a family in Iowa and was soon to become mine!

I bought the car with my paper route money and the proceeds from selling my YZ80 dirt bike. Times change and today cars like this even in nearly junkyard condition, fetch $5-$6k while a 30,000 mile original would cost far more than paper route money.

Unlike so many people who can only wonder what happened to the muscle car they drove in high school, I know. My Chevelle sits apart awaiting restoration in my garage. It was a high-milage car when stored and now after 26 years of gathering dust, it is a low-milage jewel. I better get that car back on the road before I’m high-milage and unrestorable!

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Anonymous said...

I see a Million bucks in your future! Lets get this pile back together and move on... life is short, Barrett Jackson awaits!