Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale - It Has Become A bonspeed boy Tradition

Brad, Mike, Brad & Mike with Brad's newest buy!

Every year we wait for a week in January when we travel to Scottsdale, Arizona.  This is auction week when the RM Auction, Russo & Steele Auction, Gooding and Barrett-Jackson bring car lovers to our Mecca.  Along with the collectors, spectators and party goers are hundreds of millions of dollars in cars and over a billion in disposable income.

The bonspeed boys; Brad Fanshaw, Michael Anthony and Mark Cilani try and make this outing as part of our annual schedule.  Like most of the regulars, it is much more than an auto auction.  These events are a fun opportunity to see and make friends.
On Stage at Barrett-Jackson sizing up the other bidders.

The stage is crowded and not really the place to check out the cars.  You had better have looked over your choices on the staging field and in the staging lanes.

The stage is where you size up the other bidders and see who else is interested in your choices.  Make friends or at least let one of the bidders assistants know you are serious.  If you don't you might miss out on a car.
Michael, Brad, Andrea, Jim & Steve sitting front row.

After attending the auctions and Barrett-Jackson
for well over the last twenty years, I have one word of wisdom, have fun.  This is the best place to be around cars, have a drink, shop and relax.

One more shot, it gives you that courage to make one more bid!

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