Saturday, November 06, 2010

bonspeed Wheels Win GM Design Award at SEMA 2010 - Second Year in a Row!

SEMA 2010 was incredible for bonspeed Wheels. For the second year in a row a vehicle with bonspeed Wheels has won the prestigeous GM Design Award! Built in Texas by Mitch Henderson and his crew, this way so radical Chevy C-10 made everyone drool.

The concrete color, the subtle body modifications and the gorgeous interior made the bonspeed Big Block style wheels jump out from under the slammed body drop.  The 22X8.5 and 22X10 Big Block bonspeeds are Color Forged™ in an industrial Gold that is perfect with the body color.

Sitting in the Accu-Air booth at SEMA 2010 the truck just worked the crowd.  From the cab that is fitted to the bed and the custom wood bed this C-10 is so sweet that it rots your teeth.

Watch for more info and photos on this truck here on the blog.  Way to go Mitch and thanks for using the best wheels on the market for your award winner.


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