Sunday, February 07, 2010

bonspeed boys- Michael Anthony & Brad Fanshaw at Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale 2010

Every year the bonspeed boys, Brad Fanshaw and Michael Anthony (owners of bonspeed) eagerly await the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction. This year was no different except getting there was more difficult due to severe weather.

Michael was scheduled to fly in on Thursday, but was forced to drive when all flights were cancelled from Southern California. Brad and his friend Mark Cilani attended the anniversary party for Lear Jet on Thursday night and still had to drive over on Friday. The good news is they made it and missed the drama of the big storm on Thursday night in Scottsdale.

ABOVE PHOTO: Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw were both interviewed by Speed TV
for an upcoming 40th
Anniversary Barrett-Jackson

The event in Scottsdale was a s exciting as ever and the boys saw many friends and plenty of great deals on cars. That's right great deals on cars at Barrett-Jackson and the boys kept their hands in pockets! Remember, Michael is building a new pro-touring Chevelle and Brad is getting ready to start on a 1969 Camaro. Our friend Bob Johnson did buy to the sum of thirteen cars?

LEFT PHOTO: Brad Fanshaw and our entire group had the best view in the house, thanks to our friends at Cox Communications who hosted us in their private skybox.

Along with their friends the bonspeed boys had a great time again this year. Thanks to our friends at Cox Communications who invited us all into their skybox. Being able to split the time between the reserved floor seats and the skybox is the way to go when you can swing it!

Remember Barrett-Jackson is part auction, part car show, part midway and part car enthusiast social event.
It is one of those events you must attend in your lifetime.

Along with all the great cars for sale there is always a tons of vendors. We saw our buddy Mike Stevesky and the guys from Mr. Norm's. They were showing among other things this Cuda that features bonspeed wheels made exclusively for Mr. Norm's cars!

So when you make it to Barrett-Jackson next year or the upcoming Orange County event, look for the bonspeed boys. They are there to have fun, meet people and talk cars and wheels!

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