Monday, March 23, 2009

bonspeed Wheels Pro-Touring El Camino Build-Up

Way back in 1996 the bonspeed El Camino was emblazoned across the cover of Car Craft. The car was the very start of the pro-touring trend in styling. The car had exotic (by 1995 standards) 18" wheels and oh my gosh four wheel disc brakes!

It did feature a quick steering box, a chassis built at the original Hot Rods by Boyd and a motor and trans that had been smoothed and painted body color. This El Camino with the Big Block and coil-over suspension was exotic for the day.

Fast-forward to 2009 and the car looks nice but it lacks some serious hardware underneath. bonspeed Wheels has teamed with Travis Noack, the editors of MuscleCar Power to remake the car and bring it back to cover car status. The El Camino will get among other parts BAER 6-piston brakes with 14" rotors front and back, Hotchkis tubular A-arms, sway bar and a complete suspension tune-up, shorty headers and new exhaust and of course a
new set of bonspeed Wheels.
The wheels will be a 19" front and 20" rear set of our newest style, the "VinSpeed".

Follow the build in MuscleCar Power magazine beginning with the August issue (on sale date: May 26, 2009) and here at the bonspeed blog. You can even see a video of the of the suspension install now at

(LEFT): Travis Noack from MuscleCar Power magazine loaded the El Camino on his H&H "Speedloader" trailer and hauled it off to Hotchkis for a full front suspension update.

bonspeed Wheels:
See the video:
Read the Magazine: MUSCLECAR POWER

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