Wednesday, November 19, 2008

bonspeed Limited Production Skateboard Art Decks

bonspeed Wheels began a new tradition at this years bonspeed bash, skateboard decks that double as wall art. These highly collectible decks were shown for the very first time at the party and they were met with great excitement.

These are the first three styles released in limited quantities and each is signed and numbered by the artist, bonspeed's own art director Rick Martin. They are also signed by the bonspeed owners; Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw. The decks are a natural because so many car enthusiasts grew up with skateboarding and skateboards were sometimes a first experience with speed and handling. bonspeed felt why not create a cool piece of art on a skateboard that can hang on a shop or office wall.

The limited run for this series will most likely be sold out by the time you read this, but bonspeed will be compiling a list for the next series of three styles. If you are interested in some skate art contact bonspeed at Michael Anthony holds up two skateboard decks that bear his name.

bonspeed Wheels Website
bonspeed Website

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