Friday, March 24, 2006

Car Collectors Need More Room!

The wish for a larger garage is never satisfied, no matter how many square feet. We all could use just a little bit more room. You have most likely seen the guy in a magazine with a huge car collection that sits in a 25,000 square foot warehouse. Undoubtedly, he has said at least once, “I could use a little more room.”

Now, I do not have a garage that is anywhere near 25,000 square feet, but I feel quite lucky to have a sizable garage. By Orange County, California standards, I have a huge garage. Mine is 1500 square feet and that does not include the garage where my wife parks her car. I actually should say, where she previously parked her car, before, I installed the car lift and stored another three vehicles in her space.

There was a time when the family room or den was the guys domain, now for car guys it’s the garage. Today, some garages have cable or satellite TV, phones, internet, heat and A/C. The days of impressing your friends by having the old refrigerator filled with beer in the garage are past.

Organizing a garage is also a big deal and having the best hardware is essential. Everyones needs are different but some items are just “Must Haves”! Here are a few things that anyone could use in their garage.

Cord or Air Hose Hanger:
If you still have an old Cragar SS hanging on the wall with an extension cord or air hose wrapped around it, tear it down. Fabricated aluminum hangers that look cool and hold your cords and hoses tangle free are now available.

Flashlight Bracket:
Everybody has a flashlight, the problem is you can never find it when you need it. The darn thing has rolled under the car or it is hidden in plain sight. Time to hang it up on the wall with another of those handy yet simple aluminum mounts.

Reproduction Posters:
Vintage posters are also great items to cover those walls. Today, so many enthusiasts want to remember the past that a huge variety of reproductions are available.

We will never have enough room, enough time or enough money. We can have a better looking and better organized garage.

Garage Gear:
Retro Posters:

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